The Law Office of Hugh C. Gregg II

The Law Office of Hugh C. Gregg II will address the legal needs of all parties in matters of real estate and commercial law

From real estate transactions to commercial contracts, our real estate and commercial law services are designed to address the needs of individuals, commercial lenders, and business owners throughout the Greater Syracuse area. We have represented everyone from major automobile franchise lines to local financial institutions, and can provide the competent and experienced legal guidance you require to find real estate law resolutions.

• Counseling

• Tax deferred exchanges

• Like-kind exchanges

• Leasing and enforcement of leases

• Regulation of brokers

• Construction projects

• Litigation

Services provided by our firm:

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In addition to real estate law, Hugh C. Gregg II also provides legal aid for transactional law and general practice cases. Learn more about the firm, then contact us for more information.

Protect yourself during property transactions

Find thorough representation in matters of residential and commercial real estate law.

• Real estate developers

• Landlords and tenants

• Farmers

• Real estate brokers

• Mortgage lenders

• Purchasers of property

• Title insurance companies

• Property managers

• Drafting of documentation

• Development of condominiums

• Platting and zoning

• Property tax assessments and disputes

• Condemnation proceedings

• Title opinions

• Foreclosure of mortgages

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